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The demise of the RS28

Anyone else scoop up a pair or two of the RS28F before they too go NLA?  Looks like PE only has 16 left in stock.


  • I would bet dollars to donuts that new DX25 variant from Tymphany will perform as well or better, for less money. Plus it is better looking. 

    Looking at the charts, it is obvious the chamber is well designed (are you paying attention Morel?), very low Fs, a proven dome design, aluminum faceplate, more than likely has a very healthy dose of copper in the motor (the impedance is almost ruler flat to 20k or greater), and higher sensitivity than the RS tweeters. 

    I, for one, do not worry about the RS tweeter being gone <span>:bleep_bloop:</span>

    That being said, lot of designs will be defunct. Maybe it will spur a new generation of designs, but I rather suspect it will actually result in a million people bugging original designers for substitutes. Personally, I am looking forward to the end of the Continuum cult.
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  • I've only heard the Continuum once.  It was Maynard's TL version at Iowa.  I thought it was a very nice sounding speaker.
  • Its fine, but... always nice when people roll their own. 
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  • I'm enjoying playing with the XT25TG30.  I look forward to getting my hands on the DX25BG60 and the DA25BG08.  I used the newer DX20 an really liked the sound.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • How low did you take that DX20 ? Price looks right for a budget build . Thanks
  • Nicholas_23
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Oh yeah , duh. I remember this build now. Thanks for the link
  • To the RS28, I passed on them. Solid tweeter, just not my personal preference. RIP RS28

    That new Tymphany offering looks damn sexy. Must. Resist. Buying.    .... oh who am I kidding.
  • Which DC25, the double magnet ones? I want to try that for the silk dome and the sb26stac for the all dome, though the SB is close to price of the RS28A
  • Sorry, wrong tweet, SB26ADC, though the STAC soft dome is not bad either.
  • But haven't used either if these... They are in the "list" not yet in the "stash"

  • I'm enjoying playing with the XT25TG30.  
    The enjoyment is over...I just don't like it crossed at 1,300 in my horn.  

    I need to check the distortion as Zaph said it's high below 2,500 (I think).
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Most over rated tweeter I've owned or listened to.
  • I tend to agree that the praise might not match the performance. I still believe the new DX25 variant from Tymphany will be a game changer in the dome arena. I should have my pair in several weeks, and I will do a teardown and some large-ish baffle measurements. 
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  • Face, were you commenting on the XT25TG30 or the RS28?
  • PWRRYD said:
    Face, were you commenting on the XT25TG30 or the RS28?
    Both versions of the RS28.
  • Never used a RS28........can't miss it...............thank the gods!
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • I used RS28 in commercial installations. It's very robust. Never used it for home fi.
  • The RS28A is a gem of a metal dome in my opinion, once they got past the consistency issues it was all good there. I kind of hope Usher has a metal dome (and no, screw you Be) planned for the future and just cut out the middle-man Dayton.
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  • I like the rs28a but believe for the price the seas aluminum domes are better. I have always liked the 27TBFCG more but I am not sure it will cross as low. I was thinking about trying to sub them in for the continuum just to see what happens and to give others a chance to still build them.
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