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  • DakotaDIY 2017

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    Pair of Eclipse 5-1/4" midwoofers. These are excellent drivers, used but minty. Very low distortion above 100Hz, on the order of the best drivers out there. $40 for the pair. SOLD

    Pair of Vifa NE25 silk dome tweeters. These are brand new, I have used these tweeters in other projects and was intending to pair them with those big Tang Band 5" midwoofers but my pair of Tang Band had such unit to unit consistency that I discarded the project. 2db mismatch in sensitivity is not worth my time. The tweeters, however, are excellent. $20 for the pair. SOLD

    Old pair of Vifa XT25 ring radiators. I love these tweeters, just gotta get them into a good home. Used, been used in several designs over the years. Fully functional. $25 for the pair.

    Pair of HiVi F5, nib, bought when Madi had them on sale for under $20/ea. keep in mind they did not fare well in my build quality and T/S review so they are probably best used as dedicated midrange - in which case they are, from what I understand, very, very good performers. Yours for the low low price of $30/pair.

    Pair of HiVI L6, new no boxes, bought when Madi had them on sale for around $25/ea. These are very well built drivers. Not a serious bass pump by any means, but the handful of designs I have heard using a variety of the L6 drivers tells me you cannot go wrong with them. $50/pr - and that is a great price. 

    Still have the Dayton DSA-175 project for sale, at this point to get rid of it I will split it up. 

    DSA-175 pair for $40 and the RS28-A pair for $50 SOLD. This is a nice sounding speaker, I wish I could have sold it as a kit, I really think people are missing out on it but oh well.  

    I have the drivers for the Cabrini Redux available - you can have those if you want. That speaker will apparently finally make it home to SoDak in a few weeks. Been around the midwest for a couple years now lol. So if you like what you hear when you stop by DDIY, take those drivers off my hands and build a pair for your recently graduate nephew or something. That speaker is stupidly good for the money it costs to build. Still have no idea how I pulled it off, to be honest. 

    I might have some other drivers at firesale prices as well. These are not shipping at these prices, so hopefully people will take them home from DDIY. The Eclipse and any of the tweeters would make for a seriously nice budget monitor, for example. I will, of course, ship but it will drive the cost up a bit for some and considerably for others.  

    I am planning on going into relative obscurity other than the two Viawave monitor projects this summer - meaning, I plan on using old NLA or oddball Ebay drivers for the most part in the future so I am wanting to move most of my inventory of stock items. 

    I have found myself trying to compete with others by finding just the "right" combination of stock drivers - but now that PE is selling kits like the plagiaristic "C-Note" and a handful of DIY designers perpetually get their hands on new drivers before anyone else and "kits" are the new norm I see no need for someone like me to play in the sandbox anymore. So I am selling off my stock item inventory and focusing on Realistic/Radio Shack stuff, interesting buyouts, fleabay shit, etc. I was happiest in this hobby when that was what I did, so that is what I will be doing :)