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  • Box O' Coils

    Hard to explain what this pile of shit is - other than it is a failed experiment on my end to try and capture every possible value of coil from 0.05 to 3+ millihenries. Most of them are those weird little ferrite core PE had as a buyout several years ago. I knocked the core out of a good chunk of them and made a ton of values ranging to 0.95mH, left the core in more and made values ranging to 2.5 (I think). There are others, obviously - stuff I do not have the mate to, mostly. Wide range of values and wire gauges. 60 coils in total. Another useful lot for tweakers. 

    It is a failed experiment because I lack discipline and get too carried away during voicing to properly manage this setup. I go all apeshit and just dive in. I will ship all of these anywhere in the CONUS for $65. That is a pretty good deal for someone who needs a wide range of values for testing/tuning/tweaking. Paypal only, no trades. 
  • PE flash sale

    Kornbread said:
       Yea, seen that sale and thought wow, some decent deals on some decent drivers.  Might should pick some up.  Then I head out to the shed and there's better than a dozen drivers sitting in boxes waiting ...
    A dozen? Amateur... :-p
  • Steak!

    Spent some time this snowy PTO day carving a 1/2 loin that has been in my fridge for the last week. This is a great time of year to buy fancy cuts of beef - everyone wants a rib roast it seems - so prices are great if you shop around. I paid $7/lb for the two choice half loins I picked up. I elected to cut true "rib eye" steaks this time around, which leaves me with several of what my wife calls "pinwheels". This is the "money muscle" on what is typically called a rib-eye steak. I also have a pound or so of very nice nibblers (at the top of the bottom photo), as well as a bag of fatty trimmings that I can use to start an au jus for the other rib roast I have waiting for me. We like to eat one time off the roast - and then make French Dip sandwiches with the leftovers. 

    I will wrap the pinwheels in bacon. 

    The rib eyes will be grilled tonight. There is something magical about grilling on a dark, snowy night. My parents are in town, and I am afraid the weather will cancel their additional travel plans so... 

    No, I do not clean my stove very often. I am a slob - but I am also usually cooking in there, so don't give me any shit.
  • GRT 145 Second Gen Viawave tweeter is getting tested and finalaized.

    Apparently, I *did* need more drivers. Le sigh.

    If I ever get a chance, I am going to build a metric fuckton of speakers, though. 

  • 3D Printing

    Assy instructions are for shit lol. Got it assembled however, see if I can print tomorrow.