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  • Alternative to Silicone caulk for sealing joints

    Avoid most of these spray on rubberized products - they outgas for a very long time and the gas they release can dissolve the glues that are used to keep drivers together. 
  • OT low temp lubrication

    Try to remove casting line there, and yes - wax is a good choice.
  • Rival Acoustics

    Nobody knows what the future holds for door-prizes ;). I will say that it would be nice to see door-prize drivers show up in more builds at subsequent events. 
  • I think I've heard it all.

    Don't forget those malingering electrons...
  • Generic capacitor (red MKP from China)

    It goes back to when Dayton was knowingly selling flawed hardware. I had an early unit of WT3 that exhibited a lot of bizarre behavior and suffered an endless stream of beatdowns at the hands of the developer and the distributor. When they finally admitted to selling a flawed piece of hardware but did not offer to make it right, I suffered another beatdown via email from the developer and the president of Dayton for advocating Dayton replace the flawed units. The sheer number of "RTFM responses" from fanboys, the distributor, and especially the developer, has turned me off from giving Dayton any of my money for test devices - knowing the developer will receive money for selling me something twice. 

    Then I discovered I had to jump through hoops to make it work on a modern operating system. 

    After I realized Dayton was never going to make it right, I took the damn apart and took some pictures of cold solder joints and sent them to Dayton, and received a "You don't know what you are talking about" response. 

    Similar to how Dayton treated those of us who bought a "calibrated" mic from them. They finally made that one right, though. They flat out ignored the mountain of evidence presented for a few years, however - and acted like they were engaging in some magnanimous gesture by re-calibrating the devices.  

    So yeah, between the near-criminal marketing of flawed hardware, wanting to charge people for upgrades that had no reason not being included in the first place, and the actual price tag - I hate DATS. 

    I have a "tolerate/hate" relationship with Dayton/PE. I like some of their drivers, dislike how they treat customers who have legitimate complaints about some of their products, have suffered four plate amp failures including two of the 240W models that developed a grating noise - a known issue affecting these amps that Dayton will not acknowledge - and had a weird experience on their "design team". 

    I guess perhaps I lack politics when reviewing things - pragmatism and honesty when evaluating something is not overly welcome by most sellers. 

    Anyways, I am not a fan of DATS