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  • MAC/DIY in 2018

    Its funny we all keep building stuff but none of us needs a new set of speakers. Would be nice to save a bit if we are buying to build things just to bring to an event. 
  • My new tube preamp build

    So Fresh and so Clean clean. @PWRRYD your amp name plate is ready   :p

  • Cnc talk

    Yes its been good. The sign says "fucker in charge of you fucking fucks" so far ive been making $40-90 each and i dont have to finish most of them my neighbor does. He does alot of tables, built ins and shelf type stuff. He started offering custom engraving on his products works well for both of us. He gets to stand out more for offering more custom stuff and I get a flat fee (dont know what he charges) and hes been cutting the wood to size and finishing it. 

    Id need to sell 200 at 50 bucks to break even but its doable. Im working on a few smaller house signs for our neighborhood none of our detached garages in the alleys have numbers so it could potentially add up to alot of signs (many being the exact same aside from the numbers). 

    You can buy a much less capable machine and make these signs though. I plan tk do some kitchen cabinets and things in my house so ill probably count that as "savings" when that happens. 
  • 3 way driver match-up opinions

    Man there is going to be like 5-10 diy designs with this sb 10" woofer out soon. 
  • Cnc talk

    It takes some time to learn the cad/toolpath software and the cnc software for operating the machine. There are people that you can have do a design for you for a modest fee. There is a few people overseas on the cnc fb groups thst will do a custom 3d design for like $60-100 depending on how detailed it is. Do you want full 3d or a 2d drawing style? 

    Its been a long 6-7 months for me. Including the 3 month wait for the parts to arrive. If i did have so many side projects it would go faster. I also change hobbies frequently and i go completely overboard when i get into a  new hobby then lose interested in a few years lol.