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  • Cnc talk

    Made a drawer to fit right below cnc bed for all my bits and clamps and router stuff. Also wired up tbe pc and rerouted all my cables to the new wall mount location. Took significantly more time than anticipated. 

  • Cnc talk

    Its been awhile since ive posted any updates. Ive been using the machine alot and trying to come up with a more efficient shop. Trying to open up some floor space or limit unnecessary items. I have a pc cart for my cnc that works but its not ideal. Im going to need to put my table saw and outfeed table close to where it sits now  (gotta cut the outfeed table/router table combo still). I bought a wall mount laptop and monitor stand. I will mount my pc above this on the wall above it or below it i havent decided yet. I added a network drop and cable line, i added 2 more breakers to my sub panel, mounted a board on the wall to accommodate the wall mount stuff and now i can run other tools while my cnc is going. So it helped alot.  

    I got most of the 3 flat packs for my next builds mostly assembled and i tried a few different techniques for dadoes and locations. One major problem that i didnt anticipate was the different sizes of mdf. I bought 7 4x8 sheets of mdf a few jobs i had and my personal stuff and the difference in thickness was 0.700" to 0.760" this caused me alot if headaches and rework. (Mainly just needed to make the individual panels that were messed up and carve run the modified file again) not the end of the world but super super annoying. 

  • Spheres , Balls , and such

    I am pretty happy with the 3 inch. I always liked the cheaper ones but the frame is really shitty on the $18 one. This one is like $32ish so your getting into coax territory. 
  • Couple of new items coming from Dayton

    Okay, thats perfect. Im was thinking about when friends and family ask me to build stuff for them im trying to find the best bang for your buck drivers that are obviously not high quality but sound way better than they should. Either way it would be hard to sound worse than what alot of people are using. I know alot of people that just use their tv as speakers and i simply would barely watch any television without a set of good speakers. I think think that mcm 2669 5-1/4 is a really good sounding driver for $18. Im looking for killer sounding budget tweeter. 

    They usually dont believe me until they hear one of my systems. Usually they walk around trying to find a sub. I let them struggle to find them before saying yeh i dont have a sub dude.  
  • Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays everyone. My birthday is the 29th so i get to celebrate that as well. Gonna be 36.