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  • 1" Particle board as a budget sub enclosure.

    You could always buy some cheap laminate for a counter top to veneer the cabinetd and if the fikish isnt what you want then sand that and paint. Not sure what one is easier to accomplish but it's an option. 
  • Crossover mockup boards

    A little more progress on the capactor and resistors board. Basically I'll have small increments in resistors from 0.5 ohms to 12ohm, I'll keep the middle spots open with the 6 position block terminals for any specific needs that aren't on the board. The second row of 12 positions has some empty spots for the resistors I'm missing but I put a 20uf and 2x 15 to get me in 5uf increments from 15-50uf. 

    Current resistors are .51, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, 3, 3.3, 4, 4.7, 5, 6 (missing a few) 8.2, 11 and 12.

    The npe ranges are in order , 8.2, 15, 22, 33, 47, 80, 80, 100 and 150. Those combos should be able to get me most values within 250uf. 

    The poly ranges are in order  1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.9, 4.7, 1.0, 6.8, 8.2, 10. I placed the 2nd 1uf inbetween 4.7 and 6.8 to get 5.7 or 7.8 with a single fork spade. 

  • Sander discussion

    Anyone havery a drum sander they like?

     I went to buy a used one today I bought on ebay. The guy had a week and a half to get it working before pickup and I went today to check it out and it had a bunch of problems. The motor wasnt powering on for the drum. We fixed that. Then the table wasn't raising or lowering and we disassembled it and tried to fix that a few gears were toast so the crank would not work. After breaking it down it had a good amount of rust on it so I decided to pass on it. At $450 if it worked it wasn't too bad of a price. 

    I have a few projects coming up that could use the aid of a drum sander. My dad wants an island and I need to build a few cabinets. I have a friend that wants some wine and cheese trays too. I don't want to spend $1400 on a new one though that's for sure. 

    I have a planer 13" delta I've been using for most stuff but once it's glued up most things don't fit width wise. 

    Any advise or suggestions on good sanders or options?