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  • Got the woofers today thanks. Ill take ts params later this week. 
  • jr@mac said: If it smells like paint, wait until you can detect no odor with your sniffer very close. If you detect zero odor, it is done releasing gasses and you can probably proceed without worry.  Let me know how long it takes. After a…
  • I was looking for a 2 fold solution craig. I havent been using brads or screws in the last few builds so im just concerned about a box coming apart. I dropped one of my test cabs and that wasnt full assembled but it cracked the glue joint was intact…
  • Lol well $15 later lets see how flex seal works!  It smells like spray paint i assume that it will dry in a few days. Hopefully that is enough to not damage the drivers. If need be i can try to heat it or clear coat it!
  • ThumperTom said: That was the joy of working at Lowe's, you would see so many different products that would work for this application.  I to have used rubberized roofing cement but the stuff I used had a very low VOC.  I also like to use the …
  • I used some construction adhesive type stuff. Dried super hard. Didnt do the cleanest job on the application lol! The b9xed were assembled and gettijg the caulk gun in there was difficult. Everything was dadoed so i didnt need it for leaks or anythi…
  • Ill take the woofers if he doesnt.
  • AchrOhmiC made in france. They were from solen.   from the chicago DIY. They are 16w not 18w sorry. 
  • kennyk said: That's why I take xo parts. They always show up in diy builds.  Same grabbed some caos one year and resistors the other year. The resisters are awesome their like 18w ones. 
  • jr@mac said: Nobody knows what the future holds for door-prizes . I will say that it would be nice to see door-prize drivers show up in more builds at subsequent events.  I've rarely seen this happen. I won a pair of mcm 55-2669s im button…
  • Bummer!
  • Made a drawer to fit right below cnc bed for all my bits and clamps and router stuff. Also wired up tbe pc and rerouted all my cables to the new wall mount location. Took significantly more time than anticipated. 
    in Cnc talk Comment by D1PP1N February 11
  • Kornbread said: Needed to hit the next town over for a Menard's visit, so dropped by Harbor Freight and picked up another pair of Corner Clamps  and a couple small rafte…
  • Look good! Nice fix for the cracked baffles. What veneer did you use btw? Sapele? Forgive me if you posted it i went back and reread but didnt see it. 
  • I know a guy who could do such a thing. 
  • You make me want to build one of these so bad! Is it difficult to add a simple preamp to this amp? Like 1 or 2 sets of rcas and a stereo volume potentiometer? 
  • I have those as well Tom, i like that they are taller so you can use it as a stop as well. Like its like 1.5" tall you can can just push the 90 toward it so it doesn't overhang. Been using dadoes since i got my dadoe set but table saw dadoe stacks a…
  • I've gotten lucky and won an omnimic at iowa diy (might be one that needs calibration) so thanks to Ms. Jr for pulling my name. I got the newer dats and its been functioning properly to my knowledge.  I also have love/hate relationship with PE, had…
  • They use to have a 30pc or 45pc kit with like 5 or 7 values for the red caps. I guess i should have bought them a year ago when i saw them. I have a decent stock built up at the moment but always on the lookout for a good deal. 
  • Its been awhile since ive posted any updates. Ive been using the machine alot and trying to come up with a more efficient shop. Trying to open up some floor space or limit unnecessary items. I have a pc cart for my cnc that works but its not ideal. …
    in Cnc talk Comment by D1PP1N February 5