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  • What did everyone buy themselves for Christmas?

    12 sheets of walnut burl-16''x 20''. One for each day of Christmas.

  • Rival Acoustics

    Here's the little feller. 4.5'' R120-ACB-08 & R120-RCB-04

  • Rival Acoustics

    I run the RAD store with some friends. It is derived from a small business I had many years ago. The goal of this store is to get quality products at affordable prices, truly dedicated to DIY’ers. We are doing our best, but it is quite difficult to get the price points where we want them to be. Because we are the distributor for Rival, (for now) we are not allowed to sell competing products.


    For the past year, we have been clearing out their NLA products at scary low prices and market testing others. We will not carry anything that is not popular and not at the price point we want, period. We want people to build. So, our profit margin is extremely low. We try to make enough money just to keep everything going and take advantage of product releases that will benefit DIY’ers.


    Rival has a number of woofer series that we are trying to get, but it is all about numbers. Many of their woofers have a high MOQ that is unobtainable for us at this time. We are working on ways to solve this.


    We also manage our store and like to have a little fun. Last year we had some excellent give-aways. Not contests, which I don’t like. Some people received drivers and some received Polar Cap Packs. We just put names in a box and pick a name to receive whatever we are giving away. Sometimes, we put something extra in a shipment, just for fun.

    As I said before, we want people to build and enjoy doing it. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


    We will be posting updates from time to time on a ‘NEWS’ page and look forward to comments and suggestions. Customer input is important. It’s allot of work to organize all of this, so patience is greatly appreciated.
  • Poly/Mica Drivers

    I'm going to pick up a few of the 7'' Poly drivers and put them on sale. This will help to get some feedback. I'll post when they are available.They have an aluminum dustcap.

  • Rival Acoustics

    MartyH said:
    jr@mac said:
    Nobody knows what the future holds for door-prizes ;). I will say that it would be nice to see door-prize drivers show up in more builds at subsequent events. 
    Not to be a brown noser, but I made a point of ensuring that my 2014 Door Prizes made it into the 2017 Iowa show.  I heartily agree with your sentiment, JR.
    That's three years for the prize to be utilized. Not good from a donor's perspective.
  • Tweeter sale at Solen

    Yes, their shipping can be a bit crazy at times, even to Ontario. They don't have a currency selector on their site and that makes it hard to figure prices out sometimes.However, those are fantastic prices for local customers.