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  • MCM 53-5165

    In-box measurements of MCM 53-5165

    Surface mounted in a Denovo 0.23 cubic foot enclosure

    Mounted on center axis, about 8" or so from bottom. 

    Distortion, SPL accurate, 1M:

    Extremely clean above 3K, and still very usable at 2K (with careful crossover work). However - that dip at ~3K is fairly pronounced and may be a turn-off for some people. It doesn't bother me since it falls right in the region that always sounds just fine with a dip. Slightly elevated top end, however, may lend some slight sizzle - but given the pretty much non-existent distortion in that area it will sound cleaner and more natural than the slight rise would otherwise indicate. 

    Before anyone gets too excited about that dip, however - keep in mind this is a metal dome and as such, has a phase shield implemented. So, let us take a look at the off-axis:

    That is out to about 30 degrees or so - seems to be a natural for a sloped baffle. 

    That being said, if you use this tweeter - keep in mind that the dip at 3K will fill in off-axis, and trying to "fix it" in the crossover to get to a flat on-axis response will probably yield some pretty mediocre results so leave it in there - physics will take care of it. The top couple octaves smooth out nicely just a bit off-axis, as well. This tweeter will probably be great for speakers with a wide spacing and no toe-in. 

    Speaking of off-axis, some additional evidence for why we don't trust polar models:

    The breakup is not predictable using standard simulators, and in this case for maximum effect will require quite a bit of tanking - or at a minimum a dedicated notch at 8500 in addition to whatever other crossover you are using. 
  • Steak!

    Most of this pile, along with a mess of smoked/shredded chicken, will be making the trip to Grinnell with me this Friday.

    If ya'll are interested, that is. I could probably pick up some buns and a variety of sauces when I get to town. 
  • Off the radar

    I think things are going to be ok here, maybe I will start checking in again. I just wanted to let everyone know I am ok. 
  • DIY - but not speakers

    Oh myyyy....

  • Steak!

    Spent some time this snowy PTO day carving a 1/2 loin that has been in my fridge for the last week. This is a great time of year to buy fancy cuts of beef - everyone wants a rib roast it seems - so prices are great if you shop around. I paid $7/lb for the two choice half loins I picked up. I elected to cut true "rib eye" steaks this time around, which leaves me with several of what my wife calls "pinwheels". This is the "money muscle" on what is typically called a rib-eye steak. I also have a pound or so of very nice nibblers (at the top of the bottom photo), as well as a bag of fatty trimmings that I can use to start an au jus for the other rib roast I have waiting for me. We like to eat one time off the roast - and then make French Dip sandwiches with the leftovers. 

    I will wrap the pinwheels in bacon. 

    The rib eyes will be grilled tonight. There is something magical about grilling on a dark, snowy night. My parents are in town, and I am afraid the weather will cancel their additional travel plans so... 

    No, I do not clean my stove very often. I am a slob - but I am also usually cooking in there, so don't give me any shit.
  • Anarchy 5.5in 4ohm

    Not Anarchy - but these little guys showed up here yesterday. 
  • Rival Acoustics

    I have been shopping for caps lately, this was a very welcome surprise. Thank you, again, RAD - you guys rock.
  • DIY - but not speakers

    Correct grill has arrived.
  • I think I've heard it all.

    Don't forget those malingering electrons...
  • Distortion measurements

    I do, yes. Let 'er rip!

    One of those hidden costs of DIY, actually, is the chance of letting the smoke out of a driver or two. The people who ride the wave of kits/established designs benefit greatly from people who are willing to spend the time and money, running the risk of blowing an expensive driver while rooting around for the truth.