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  • OT - another wonderful milestone

    I taught my son Jacob, 5 years old, to ride his bike today without the training wheels.  A slightly scuffed knee but otherwise riding like a champ!!!!  He's beaming with joy.  Next thing I know I'll be teaching him how to launch off the trans-brake ;)
    greywardenjr@macTurn2kennykD1PP1NJasonPMzisserson4thtryR-CarpenterSilver1omoand 4 others.
  • Iowa DIY 2017

    Got the bug on Saturday to measure my final design for Iowa, the Industrials.  Here's how they turned out:

  • My new tube preamp build

    And finally here is the money shot.  I wish I had Bill S. photo skills...  this is the best my cell phone would do.  A little blurry up front but I think you can see the glowing magic :p

    PS - this old school volume knob is just temporary until I anodize the big fat aluminum knob.

    PPS - In summary, this project has been a blast to build and share with you guys.  Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
  • Open Baffle Hybrid Design

  • Iowa DIY 2017

    Here's a pic.  They turned out pretty good.  That's Rustoleum "Hammered" silver applied with a foam roller.

  • My new tube preamp build

    I have greatly reduced the 6V6 tubes' microphonics by adding these high temperature silicone rubber o-rings.  There are places on line that sell the exact same "damping" rings for $5 each.  I got these from McMaster-Carr...  package of 10 for $6.69  :)

  • ClassDaudio amp project

    Guess I'll hijack my own thread a little...  I'll be getting back on this class D project soon.  I've just been busy finishing up that tube pre-amp project, helping my son build a Pine Wood Derby car, and building some snow people.

  • Merry Christmas

    My son turned 6 today, so birthday party here this afternoon.  Gifts today then more on Monday.

    Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!
  • ClassDaudio amp project

    This is just a picture of parts sitting approximately where they will end up living.  I need to machine that back aluminum plate and paint it black to match, drill a bunch of holes, insert some grommets, mount all the bits and pieces, then wiring everything.  This sucka should rock!

  • My new tube preamp build

    Ok here is the next to last safety step.  It is a power supply bleeder resistor.  This ensures that all of the high voltage potential stored in the power supply caps is bled off to zero volts in a reasonable amount of time.  I used a 220K Ohm, 2 Watt resistor.  During power on it only dissipates 0.5 Watts.  When the power switch is turned off it drops the voltage down to a safe level in under 60 seconds.  Here is a picture (the small green power resistor):