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Thought it might be fun to keep an active thread on PE DOTD. Sometimes it is pretty awesome:

April 8 - 264-1090, Peerless 6.5" poly hds woofer is $26 today. 

I have a signature.


  • Man, good efficiency, no breakup, cast frame, good specs for vented enclosure - that's a lot of bang for the buck.
  • Only a few loonies more on sale for Canadians:

    No wonder its as big as a Subaru and costs as much. You'll never have to trade this in and when you die they can bury you in it!
  • Great driver! Great price! I have to many already 😞.
  • Too many?  What's that?
  • Yeah- he's NOT one of us! Imposter! =)
  • This is to many at the moment. I’ll pass this time.
  • I think he may be one of us. ;) :3
  • LMAO are those all that exact driver!?
  • If they are, my count is 42, which is of course the answer to everything.
  • Yes. These are all the 874’s. My Peerless collection is quite vast.
  • Usher 8836AC today at 41% off.  Buttery smooth bass and mids with one of the easiest rolloffs I've ever encountered.  I have 8 at home waiting for an isobaric MTM, otherwise I'd be all over this.
  • edited April 19
    Do the Usher 8836AC's offer anything the Rival 7inchers don't? (for new builds--obviously they have value as replacements or in existing designs)
  • I've never used the Rivals, nor have I ever seen distortion measurements alongside other drivers under the same measurement conditions, so I don't really know what their performance level is.  I do know the Usher 8836AC drivers exhibit very low distortion, a very easy to work with frequency response and excellent specs for both sealed and vented alignments.  It's a tough driver to beat at the DOTD price.

  • I would say the same thing about its brother, the 8945A.
  • I wouldnt hesitate , they are very nice drivers . Mr.JR built me a nice set of two ways using the 8 inch. Very nice drivers . I dont see the smaller being any different. Once these are gone , they are gone. I heard no more usher drivers for the DIY community 
  • That's a great deal from a well-reviewed company.
  • Dan.  I think you have worked with the Peerless 830883 as well.  Do you have some quick thoughts on how they compare to the Usher.
  • Kerry did, don't know if Dan has.
  • Peerless 830452 10" XLS Subwoofer - 116.03 Today 4/22/19

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