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Spheres , Balls , and such

Have any of you messed around with spheres for your enclosure ? I know Curt built some awhile back and did the whole enclosure as the cabinet. I found some foam balls at the hobby store and mounted a ND16FA in it . Just sitting down now to mess with it. I have just the one tweeter mounted now but may put a second one in the back just out of curiosity. Also curious , do any of you know if foam with dissolve if you tried to fiberglass it?


  • If you glass it, might as well make it into a form and cast something. Could be fun.
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  • I remember watching "James May's Toy Stories" where they were building a life size Airfix model. It turns out that Styrofoam will dissolve in most epoxy resins, so make sure you use the stuff for surf boards. I'm sure a google search will tell you what will and won't work.
  • Ok , thanks for the info guys , maybe I can find some wood spheres similar in size if this turns into something. 
  • Various measurements off axis horizontal and vertical , the picture shows the greatest off axis and is the bottom FR response in the picture. 6.8 cap on the tweeter. 
  • What's your impression of the Tang Band full range with the funky surround sitting below it.
  • I just started messing with it , Its currently in one of PE's micro cabinets sealed. I think its starting to roll of a little above 150 ish ? Acoustic music sounds good if that matters , still putzing around with it. Its the 2141 the little guy.
  • I was going to do a compact bluetooth build but I think these will turn into a 2.1 micro system. The woofer will be the W5-2053 , odd thing . I need to figure out how Im going to do the enclosure for it. Im thinking passive radiators might be the best , the ports get whicked long.

  • I have two of those weird RBM drivers myself. I'm thinking maybe plate amp with some boost, instead of figuring out a pr or port system.
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  • I am pretty happy with the 3 inch. I always liked the cheaper ones but the frame is really shitty on the $18 one. This one is like $32ish so your getting into coax territory. 
  • If you do not mind an extra step, you might papier-mâché it like a cheap piñata and fiberglass the resulting sphere if you want additional strength.
  • Something like:

  • The video is cool Roman thanks for sharing. Looks like resin and molded enclosures. Pretty cool either way. 
  • Thanks for the link Roman, some inspiration . Onto round two , using the AMTPOD. This is the tweeter I was originally going to go with. I kind of like that little ND16 though . At any rate , a couple pics , I need to tinker some more and see if I can tame the rising response on the AMT. Not bad though but I think it can sound better. 
  • Getting there ....
  • Have you tried a simple RC in parallel with the tweeter?
  • Craig, went back and brought the xover up on the TB. Still messing with them , wish I had the drivers in something more permanent but , hey .... proof of concept at this point I guess. I think I might drop the TB back a little bit. Hearing something in 3k and up range I believe . Maybe pad the tweeter some too. 
  • near field measurements FWIW , mic distance is the same distance away as the baffle width ... 4.5"
  • last one , enough for tonight . Ill mess with it some more tomorrow . 
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