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Breezy Monitors

Hi guys. Just wanted to post a project I just recently finished up. They are meant to be quick, easy, and relatively cheap. They use the newer version of the 6.5" poly cone Dynavox woofers, XT25, and the PE BR-1 empty cabs. They can be made for under $300/pr and I am happy with the result. I'm not going to give my own subjective positive review, but I will point out the only noticeable downside I've found so far and that is that the bass is a bit fat or boomy in my living room unless well out into the room. I originally cut the port at 3.5", which looks to tune it around 49hz or so, and I may increase the length to about 5" to lower it to around 40ish. We will see. I'll attach the squiggly lines. I did nothing to deal with reflections and I'm a complete novice with measuring and omnimic, so perhaps ignore below 500hz. Thanks for looking.


  • I have never attached a pic here before so apologies ahead of time if these don't work, are tiny, or giant..

  • That infill looks much better than the grill
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • My friend has those woofers. They are quite beastly. 
  • I bought 4 of the truncated versions from PWRRYD/Craig at the swap table in Grinnell. I think they are nearly the same driver as what you have there. With the limited published X-max, I assumed they wouldn't do low end all that well and thought they might make decent open-baffle mid drivers. But from what I have read since, mostly about the 5.25" versions, I may have to rethink my plans for those.
  • That infill looks much better than the grill
    Thanks, I was happy about how it turned out. Kind of looks like suede I think.
  • I was leary of the tiny xmax but they don’t ever seem to have any issues with normal music at normal to loud-ish volumes. I haven’t thrown a lot of power at them. Just an old Denon 2ch receiver and I brought them upstairs and had them on my 36wpc tube amp. Never came close to audible or visible excursion issues.

    One of the woofers is defective from the factory. The glue holding the surround to the frame never set up. It is goopy and sticky. It seems to have enough tack to hold even with box pressure though. I noticed it when putting screws in and it slid when I pressed my finger on it. I bought them just over a year ago so PE wouldn’t help me on it. 
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