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Box O' Sandcast resistors

Some used, some new, some have short leads, some have soldered leads, all should be functional. Values ranging from 1 ohm to 15 ohm, maybe a random higher value. Erse, Dayton, Colber, Xicon, generics. 10W and 15W. Maybe some 20W in there. 81 pieces in all. Great selection for tweaking, which is what most of these were used for. 

$25 shipped to the CONUS. If snowmageddon does not keep me at home on Monday, I can ship USPS easy enough. Paypal only, please - I am too lazy and busy (how is that possible?) to cash a check/money order. Not sure I need anything in trade, either - sorry. If you saw my shed and my nerdery, you would understand :)
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