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Poly/Mica Drivers

How do you feel about Poly/Mica Drivers?


  • If it's mineral filled or fibre reinforced, often performs well, but from a visual standpoint, ugly. No one wants to associate plastic and high-end together. The cheap poly cones (IMPP?) can be a fair bit less temperature stable which isn't good either.

    Some cheap drivers I've seen that have a thin poly layer on a paper cone, I assume to try and damp the breakup with added poly, JBL Polyplas for example. Maybe something like a fibreglass or kevlar cone with a thin poly layer could be a good solution too that doesn't look so much like plastic.
  • I like poly cones. 
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  • No real experience with them. I'm game.  :p
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Mike drivers are the best
  • The reason I ask is that Rival makes a 7'' black Poly/Mica driver.
  • Paper is my jam. I'm sure the Rival poly cone performs well, but it's not pretty to look at IMO.

    Actually now that I think about it, I'm fairly certain the Discovery line is a thin woven fibreglass with poly coat, and there is a new small Dayton line that is similar as well.
  • Depends on the driver. I've seen/heard both good and bad resolving poly drivers.

    Used well, they can be as good as other materials. Audio Technology, Dynaudio, and Morel come to mind as good examples.

  • Domain= FreeAir

    Model= STD

    Revc=    6.200  Ohm

    Fo=   37.325  Hz

    Sd=  134.000  cm²

    Vas=   30.612m M³

    Cms=    1.166m M/N

    Mmd=   14.688  g

    Mms=   15.600  g

    BL=    7.758  T·M

    Qms=    5.793

    Qes=    0.377

    Qts=    0.354

    Levc=   38.820m mH

    No=     0.408 %

    SPLo=   88.129  dB

  • If I had a choice, I would likely choose a Kevlar/Paper or Nomex cone over poly,
    but people I trust say that high-end poly drivers are as good as anything.
    Assuming the bass performance was somewhat similar for the various cone materials, I look for descriptions like "transparent midrange" or "tremendous dynamic capability" or "incredible detail".
  • That's one of those drivers I'd want to listen to with no x-o to determine what the break up sound like
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • I actually had the experience of hearing these poly drivers in a TM. They sounded real good but I didn't think of analyzing them at the time. I just listened for about 1/2 hour or so. To me, they were very detailed. If memory serves, the tweeter was the Peerless HDS.
  • Poly is my personal preference. I'm game.
  • I'm going to pick up a few of the 7'' Poly drivers and put them on sale. This will help to get some feedback. I'll post when they are available.They have an aluminum dustcap.

  • Are these as the ones you donated last fall for CKY-DIY?
  • Yes, they are very similar except for the dustcap.
  • So they will have a black dustcap? If so, I am down for a pair.
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  • Yes, it is a black aluminum dustcap. I'll check to see if they have any in stock and what price I can get. It would be cool to offer them at the same price as the CP was. I'll know tomorrow.
  • Put me down for a pair as well.
  • edited January 25
    Ok, so I may be able to get a few of these at a decent price. I'm not sure how many. I was told that the majority of inventory is spoken for. I asked if they could spare dozen for me that would be great, but don't bet on it. I'll know Monday for sure.
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