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Sub Amps

I am in need of a sub amp. I wanted to get a new sub as well but I have two 8" dayton HF subs that i really never gave a fair shake too. I had them for my pc subs and never pushed them im interested in seeing what they can do before upgrading. I have a few options. I have a carver tfm25 amp 225wpc @8ohm and 350wpc @4ohm and i have an older 2x4 mini dsp unit i could use in conjunction with it.  I havent tried this setup yet but i know that my overall volume levek with minidsp drops a little when i used it before. 

Or i was considering getting another Inuke 3k dsp to have an all in one solution with 2 channels of amp instead of the plate amp route. 

I suppose one is free so i should probably do that first but i found the minidsp harder to flash the settings too and know that the settings took.


  • Free is good.  Anything is better than a plate amp. 

    Chuck used an Inuke DSP.  I used the Crown XLS drive core 2 w DSP which I like.  Although somewhat basic DSP, the amp itself is pretty versatile.  I'm using it bridged to drive a single sub.  I can also use it to drive mains if I want a different sub amp later.

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • 1ft^3 with a 2.5" D x 10.5" L port, 1.5 # of stuffing per.
  • Yep, the nuke is great for the money. Very easy to use, gui is straightforward. 680w is pretty decent too 
  • Yeh 289 for 2 channels of 300wpc and full dsp is a good deal. I have the subs built for awhile Ben they have just been living incognito as speaker stands! 
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