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Guitar Build , Audio related

Soooooo ,Im going to try and build a hardtail jazzmaster styled fender . The neck is in . The hardware will be gold , I despise gold hardware but with the color scheme I have in mind it should look nice . Im trying to source parts that will keep the build under 200 bucks if possible. Thus far most of the parts have been sourced from amazon , build quality of parts has yet to be determined .... Heavy lacquered neck  :# but I dig the tint


  • Im hoping this sucker doesnt curl on me when it done drying , fingers crossed....
  • Debating on "fender custom shop" decal , had it on for a couple hours now and not sure what to think of it? 
  • Tuners came in .. twisted the head off of one of the chinese tin foil set screws , will need to get that out. Heres a couple more pictures. Top three holes were drilled off center of the bottom three. "great lay" chinese neck , sigh. 
  • Phew , sweated that one a bit ,but got it out 
  • Shit , talked with the builder of the guitar body and he builds to fender spec. This neck might be off to the burn pile . The current neck here, measures 25" , and Im in need of a 25.5" fender spec neck , which the seller of this one advertised it as. Back to the drawing board. 
  • Ah man that sucks!
  • All on me , I shouldve measured before I started bolting things on . You know what they say when you "assume" . At least it was caught in the early stages of the build. 
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