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Dudes! Simple rain maker, need a little help

Well, with a lot of life changes, two ACL replacements, family travels, events, blah blah blah, I have been hit or miss on my speaker life.  Well I'm getting back into the full sing of it, with an IB install in my car, CV speaker refoam score, CraigK hooking me up with xover parts, Chuck with a xover design, And now the latest....

Repurposing some outdoor speaker carcasses from my brother in law.  I know I want to use the 6fe100, but I'm terrible at picking tweeters.  I was thinking the BC25 would be a good match and I was going to just do a simple high pass/low pass as this will just be outdoors.  I searched for 6fe100 designs and only came across the DIYSG design.

Whaddya guys think?  BC25 with the 6fe100 a good choice?

Thanks and glad to be back!


  • Which BC25?
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • oh snap!  SC06...I guess SC55 could work....
  • The Vifa/Peerless BC25SC06-04 iis my goto tweeter.  Very easy to cross, pretty flat.
    Never used the SC55, but it's marginally better.
  • Thanks!  Do you think the sc06 and 6fe100 would make a decent face melter?    Do a simple crossover at like, 2-3k?
  • I've used the BC25SC06-04 a couple of times.  I thought it sounded surprisingly nice considering it's only a $14 tweeter and it is easy to cross.  I would think 3kHz is doable if you don't plan to crank em to 11. 
  • I actually do want it to be as indestructable as possible, so go a bit higher?  6fe100 should be able to go up to 4-5 without sounding like a trashcan, yeah?
  • The BS25SC06-04 is pretty robust at 3Khz or so 3rd order. Try it with something like 6uf .30mh 8uf  - w resistors as needed.
  • Is this the configuration you are trying to convey (I'm fairly ignorant to crossover design...)

    and the resistors in line would pad down the tweeter?
  • I could do a sim with the factory graphs if you provide a front baffle layout 
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Yes, that's right.  Here is a couple of detail pics of "working" BC25SC06-04 crossovers from the "Radical Towers".  Leave the 12 ohm to ground out - needed only to match phase.  If you don't have measurement equipment you can play with the values a bit.  The tweeter is not picky at all.

  • Thanks gents!

    John- baffle is 7.25W x 11.25H.  drivers on center, woofer center approx 3.5" up from bottom, tweeter center approx 2.375" down from the top.  Much appreciated! 
  • I used the BC25SC06-04 at 2.5 kHz with 4th order acoustic slopes in the Lithium (and the MTM).  They haven't complained, 
  • The 6FE100 doesn't want to go much above 2K without extra parts.  I'll play with it some more tomorrow but it's beat to fit imo
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Let me know what you think, if I should use something else or it’s only a couple parts.  Appreciate your time!
  • edited January 18

    If anyone wants the FRDs or XSim file PM me your email.  I'd measure before investing any more time in this (I do have the 6FE100).  The woofer delay in XSim is about 2.3 inches.  For PCD the z is -.050, x and y as described by the box dims above. 

     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Thanks John!!  What are your reservations about it?
  • From a practical stand point without measuring it's more money in parts than I would spend. I don't know how the 6FE100 sounds crossed up that high, but outdoors you probably don't care.
     John H, thanks to JP I did get that email
  • Understood.  I’ll use the most budget friendly parts I can find, and if it carries 50% of the sq it’s capable of it’s a win.

    much appreciated!!
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