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Car Stereo, Thieves, and a New Plan.

You think I would have learned years ago, but I upgraded the car stereo in my little SUV this past Spring & Summer. A 12" sealed Sundown sub and 2 Rockford amps were hidden in the rear storage compartment. I mounted Silver Flute 6.5's & Peerless tweeters in the front doors, measured as best I could in that environment, and worked up a simple LR4 crossover. I was surprised it worked out as well as it did. I bought a MiniDSP, but didn't feel the need to use it when everything was finally dialed in. I actually heard a decent soundstage in my own car for the first time and the bass actually went low & loud enough to make us a little queazy on a few tracks. Then Thanksgiving eve I forgot to lock the car (again!) and went out to find the sub & amp rack were gone. My 17 year old son was more pissed off than I was. He knew the effort we had put into that system as I upgraded things. I have been through this a few times many years ago, so wasn't even that angry this time around. Heck, at least they didn't hurt the car - not a scratch. They had gotten in a few months before when I forgot to lock it - probably looking for money or cell phones, I guess. But I'm guessing they saw the sub amp controller that I still hadn't mounted and knew there were goodies somewhere  behind the seats. But I had a big bundle of insulation in the back and that probably deterred them. I'm betting they tried the doors every night - just waiting for me to slip up again. 

So today we installed a motion activated security light on the garage and I ordered a bunch of parts to build a unique arduino-based alarm system. It should be enough to freak them out and wake us up if they get in the car again. Lights will flash in the car, a voice will issue commands, the siren will chirp, and an RF transmitter will signal us in the house. The system will arm passively, so I won't have to worry about forgetting to set the alarm. I also just ordered a new sub and amp too....


  • It happened once to me back in 1999. The crook got off with community service as a first offender. Yes- he was caught! I was out 17 CDs and an active xover when it was said and done, and I got all the other stuff back. I got lucky!
  • Grrrrr!  I hate thieves!  I had my cars broken into 3 times back in the 80's and 90's.
  • This is what got me to start investing in home audio. I keep nothing of value in my car, haven't been robbed sinse.
  • Been broken into more times than I care to remember. I hate thieves. 
    I replaced the factory HU in my jeep but nothing else so far. Still debating if I will go any further. 
    Hopefully they will catch the culprits.
  • I hate them too. They are probably crackheads from the apartment complex a few blocks away. The cops are up there at least once a day. The total value is just below my deductible, but I filed a police report so at least they can't take the stuff to a pawn shop here in town. It's hard to imagine choosing theft as an occupation, but most of us grew up with a pretty solid middle class work ethic...and a conscience.
  • Yep, a conscience, morals, a father...
  • Whoever has the gold makes the rules?
  • That might be the unfortunate current translation...
  • Yep, my nephew had his garage broke into yesterday and the thieves made off with about $1400 worth of stuff. 
    Another type of thief I hate are so called financial professionals that are not a fiduciary.  Ripping people off with there high fees and kickbacks at the same time lying to their clients face about how much they care and can help them out. Real bottom feeders.  The Tony Robins Master The Money audio cds pointed out this type of information.
    I say thieves need a hand chopped off.

  • Last month some MF relieved me of my car's ECM and fuse box.
    So no audio goodies for a while :(
  • They really stole your car's computer and fuse box? Wow!!! I've not heard of that before...
  • edited December 2017
    Yeah, sadly a thing here.

  • Last month some MF relieved me of my car's ECM and fuse box.
    So no audio goodies for a while :(
    Holy crap! I don't feel nearly so bad now. I guess I know why some of the aftermarket alarms I looked at listed a pin switch for the hood.
  • I've been broken into a few times as well. Once the car, another time my apartment. But what really hurt was a financial adviser who I thought was a friend of mine. He cashed a check I wrote to an insurance company and pocketed it. When I asked to see the cancelled checks, he changed the routing numbers on one, and gave me a copy. It took me a while to realize he had forged it. I reported it to the insurer's financial department, and they made me whole again. I expected them to fire him and prosecute him, but they did nothing!
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