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  • I have a pair of the 5" black anodized model 
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  • Nice ! I was curious how easy it would be to handle that breakup they show in the measurements
  • Im not sure the fountek neoX 2.0 ribbons will xover well to these woofers as planned . Thoughts on tweeters? I do have a pair of ceramic coated Vifa NE tweeters? 
  • The Vifa wod be a good choice. 
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  • The woofers came in today. They are beefy drivers for sure. 
  • Those look sweet together dude! 
  • Thank you sir, thinking of a light colored enclosure for them. 
  • A match made in heaven.  <3
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • Thanks guys. Just got back from the Apple orchard with a couple bags of zestars and honey crisp apples. Going to wash them up then take the kid to Menards and see what they have for lighter colored wood. Maybe go with a white colored enclosure with maple accented sides? Will have to see what they have.  
  • Did you have any measured T/S parameters on these woofers yet?
  • Hey Mitchell , I havent, but I do have it in the test box and was messing around and took FR measurements . Probably wont help you much. I think there is a couple board members or at least one that has done a build with them , at least I think they were these drivers. Maybe he will chime in. 
  • JP used that driver.
  • Thanks gents
  • I this some new kind of speaker pr0n? Crotch shots with speakers ?
  • Lucky I wasnt wearing my speedos
  • What color speedos?
    ............. could you hum a few bars.
  • edited February 7
    Is that the NE25VTT-04 tweeter?
  • Gowa said:
    Is that the NE25VTT-04 tweeter?
      Ceramic dome from solen
  • edited February 7
    Nice! Do you have any review?
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